A Conversation at the Table

"A Conversation at the Table" was an innovative, collaborative installation curated by artist Lonnie Graham at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. It was funded through the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation.

The exhibition brought together artists and arts organizations (among them the Clay Studio, the Art Sanctuary, Taller Puertorriqueño and the Asian Arts Initiative) to examine the role of mind, body and spirit on both the individual and the community level.

My work, Remember, was included in "The Contemplative Mind" along with pieces by Clarissa Sligh (The Meditation Room), Blaise Tobia (Google Mind), Hana Iverson (Conversation at the Table, Marakesh, 17 March 2006) and Andrea Poulsen (First Memories).

A mound of down feathers was placed in a corner between Tobia's projected slides of the "mind" assembled from Google Image Search, and Sligh's self-contained Meditation Room. Over the course of the two months, the down gradually floated throughout the space with individual feathers sticking onto upholstered seating, pillows and the clothing of gallery goers.

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