Bodies in Architecture

The Physical Boundaries of This World, 2002, was a room-size installation at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York City. Four female bodies lay on a cyan-blue floor, each straddling the middle portion of what could be seen as sculpture stands or as architectural struts that spanned the gallery from wall to wall. Viewers were invited to step over and around the figures.


Peripheral Vision was first designed in 2002 for three “unnoticed” walls in the corners of a gallery at the Phillips Museum in Lancaster, PA — walls that are not large enough for most displays and that are usually seen only from the corners of one’s eyes. It was subsequently redesigned in 2003 for “Corners,” an exhibit using similar spaces at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Colorado.


Pediment was designed in 2005 for the gallery at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania for an exhibition entitled “Sheltered.” 


Combinational Structures, 2006, installed three female bodies around a structural column at Sculpturesite Gallery, Sonoma, California.


Couple, 2008, integrated bodies into the architecture of the Islip Art Museum in New York as part of a group exhibition entitled “Couples.” 


All sculptures were cast from life into Hydrocal FGR 95.

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