Miscellaneous Works

There are always works that do not easily fit into larger portfolio themes. Occasionally a piece that is hard to categorize will appear on this page.

Scenic Route is one of these. I was recently invited by Amtrak to create an artist interpretation of its route map for the onboard magazine, The National.

For each bimonthly issue of The National, an artist is asked to interpret the map in a unique manner. Others who have been invited to contribute designs include bead-artist Joyce J. Scott and mixed-media artist, Dustin Yellin.

The magazine took itself in a new direction a few years ago with not only the map project,

but with feature articles on contemporary artists such as Laurie Anderson and Judy Chicago.

The map I designed is composed of hand tools and railroad spikes cast into Hydrostone (much like Bones+Tools). It is similar to Spine of the City, which I did for Philadelphia's Art in the Open (2011), in that it envisions the national rail system as part of the skeletal structure of the country, analogous to the way the human skeleton supports our bodily structure.

An online version of the map can be seen here.

A PDF of what appeared in The National can be downloaded here.

Jason Varney was the photographer for the project. Reproduction rights to images credited to him can be arranged directly with Jason.

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